Three Overlooked Negotiation Skills Entrepreneurs Need To Master

in Decision Making, Leadership Essentials Mar 27, 2017

Much has been made as of late about the art of negotiation. From politics to popular business media, entrepreneurs and business leaders are bombarded with the message that hard-line, zero-sum negotiations are the only way to go.

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What's The Secret To Success? Ingratiate Yourself With People Of Great Wealth

in Leadership Essentials Mar 4, 2017

As the CEO of a rapidly growing fintech company and a frequent contributor to Forbes, I get asked to do a lot of media interviews.

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How Can Trump Help Small Businesses? Get Regulators To Issue More Bank Charters

in Leadership Essentials Mar 1, 2017

  In President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress, he repeatedly referenced the importance of rejuvenating small business in America.

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3 Things Business Owners Can Learn From Uber's Scandal

in Leadership Essentials Feb 24, 2017

Uber has, to put it lightly, had a rough couple of weeks. First, hundreds of thousands of people deleted their Uber accounts after the company eliminated surge pricing around JFK airport when taxi drivers went on strike to protest President Trump’s travel ban.

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