Why Entrepreneurs Need To Practice Gratitude Each And Every Day

in Entrepreneurial Mindset May 21, 2018

The great paradox of our times is most of us live charmed lives, at least when compared to most of humanity throughout the ages, yet we’re more angry, anxious, and depressed than ever before. For all of our comforts, we continually find reasons to be unhappy and unfulfilled. In many respects, we’ve forgotten just how good we have it.

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Why Truth, Humility, And Patience Are Every Leader's Most Powerful Weapons

in Entrepreneurial Mindset, Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials May 17, 2018

I’ve been exposed to a lot throughout my career, some good and some bad. Whether it was during my time as a junior executive at a Fortune 500 company or my near decade-long journey as an entrepreneur and CEO, I’ve experienced just about everything you can think of.

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Why Trust, Respect, And Admiration Are The Critical Components Of Good Dealmaking

in Decision Making, Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials May 7, 2018

Every entrepreneur is a dealmaker at heart. You see, entrepreneurs don’t just like to create value; they like to search for outsized returns on their efforts. The experience of providing someone with the exact thing they’re looking for at the exact moment they’re looking for it is nothing short of magical.

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Three Painful Lessons Learned From Working With A Bad Sales Prospect

in Decision Making, Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials May 1, 2018

If an organization is a body, the sales team would undoubtedly be the heart. Sales not only keeps organizations alive, but they also represent the fundamental reality upon which everything else is based.

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How And When To Inform Your Team Of Major Developments In Your Business

in Decision Making, Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials Apr 23, 2018

As I continue to mature both as an individual and as a leader, I’m increasingly amazed by the fact that the most straightforward advice is often the most difficult to follow.

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How I Learned Three Hard Truths About Organizational Transformations

in Decision Making Apr 19, 2018

I don't care how much experience you have or how sophisticated you are; change is hard.  As humans, it seems as though we're destined to forever oscillate between craving change and fearing it. When we set out to transform BodeTree into a very different type of organization, I knew that there would be quite a few challenges we'd have to overcome.

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When It Comes To Developing An Exit Strategy, It Pays To Be Creative

in Decision Making Apr 18, 2018

If you sit back and think about it, the concept of modern tech investing seems ludicrous. Investors pour vast sums of money into ideas they believe will become the “next big thing” and only stand to gain in the event of an exit.

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How BodeTree Learned To "Ooch" Its Way Toward Transformational Change

in Decision Making, Helpful Insights Apr 13, 2018

When I look back on the many mistakes I’ve made while leading my company, BodeTree, one stands out above the rest.

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How The Team At BodeTree Discovered The Transformative Power Of Exploring New Markets

in Decision Making Apr 9, 2018

This is the first post in a new series about the enormous transformation that my company, BodeTree, has undergone in the past two years.

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The Story Of How We Sold A Line Of Business And Reoriented Our Company

in Decision Making, Entrepreneurial Mindset Apr 2, 2018

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it is a time of renewal and reinvention. It reminds us of new beginnings, new opportunities, and the chance for new life.

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