How To Run A Business In The Post-Truth, Post-Civility World

in Leadership Essentials Jun 21, 2018

We live in the post-truth world. A world where self-awareness, honesty, and respect for facts has given way to selfishness, Machiavellian maneuverings, and casual deceit. It is a world where society has adopted the general belief that facts are malleable, able to be twisted to suit whatever narrative they’re promoting.

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A Few Thoughts For Entrepreneurs Wrestling With Depression

in Entrepreneurial Mindset, Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials Jun 8, 2018

This has been a hard week for those of us who care deeply about depression and the people who wrestle with it. Both entrepreneur/designer Kate Spade and chef/TV personality Anthony Bourdain took their own lives this week, leaving many to wonder why people who seemed to have it all would go to such lengths.

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Why Finding Your Natural Fit Is The Key To Achieving Ecstasis

in Entrepreneurial Mindset, Leadership Essentials May 25, 2018

After reading Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal’s excellent “Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work,” I’ve been diving deeper and deeper into the concept of ecstasis, commonly known as flow.

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Why Truth, Humility, And Patience Are Every Leader's Most Powerful Weapons

in Entrepreneurial Mindset, Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials May 17, 2018

I’ve been exposed to a lot throughout my career, some good and some bad. Whether it was during my time as a junior executive at a Fortune 500 company or my near decade-long journey as an entrepreneur and CEO, I’ve experienced just about everything you can think of.

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Why Trust, Respect, And Admiration Are The Critical Components Of Good Dealmaking

in Decision Making, Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials May 7, 2018

Every entrepreneur is a dealmaker at heart. You see, entrepreneurs don’t just like to create value; they like to search for outsized returns on their efforts. The experience of providing someone with the exact thing they’re looking for at the exact moment they’re looking for it is nothing short of magical.

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Three Painful Lessons Learned From Working With A Bad Sales Prospect

in Decision Making, Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials May 1, 2018

If an organization is a body, the sales team would undoubtedly be the heart. Sales not only keeps organizations alive, but they also represent the fundamental reality upon which everything else is based.

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How And When To Inform Your Team Of Major Developments In Your Business

in Decision Making, Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials Apr 23, 2018

As I continue to mature both as an individual and as a leader, I’m increasingly amazed by the fact that the most straightforward advice is often the most difficult to follow.

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When It Comes To Entrepreneurship, We Need Fewer Kirks And More Picards

in Leadership Essentials Mar 28, 2018

Every entrepreneur wants to be successful, but few of us are honest about what that really means. The truth is that most entrepreneurs want to “make it big,” which is a very different kind of success.

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Quantum Entrepreneurship: How Understanding Quantum Mechanics Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur

in Entrepreneurial Mindset, Leadership Essentials Feb 27, 2018

One of the most challenging aspects of growing up is realizing that the world is not as simple or predictable as we would like to think. Complexity and uncertainty rule the day, and this inevitably clashes with our innate human desire to live in a world that is simple, predictable, and understandable.

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Three Valuable Lessons I Learned From My Top-Performing Millennial Employees

in Helpful Insights, Leadership Essentials Feb 24, 2018

I’ve written extensively about the role of Millennials in the workplace, and how I believe they’re flattening the traditional performance curve.

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